Gabriela Falkner

Artist and culture professional / visual artist

Gabriela used to work as a trainer for adults, personal advisor and project leader. After receiving her Master’s in Arts Management, she turned her life upside down at 40 and switched to a career in art and culture. She has worked on very different projects and in different organisations (member of the board of the professional association Visarte.Ost, president of the project for temporary usage of the ‘Lattich’ area in St. Gallen etc.), and in the St. Gallen culture office, she has given advice to culture professionals from across the sector. As an artist, she focuses on photography, installations and spatial interventions, and helps run the Kulturlandsgemeinde (a culture convention) as a member of the board.

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Three questions for Gabriela

To be or not to be! Have you ever faced this question in your life?

No, not something as big as this.

Have you ever had pension role models?

When I was in HR consulting, I supported people who were retiring. The figures which sometimes came out when calculating their pensions made me sad and made me more aware of the issue of planning your pension.

What pensions advice would you offer your younger self?

I don’t have any advice for my younger self. To every else, I’d say: make sure you don’t have any gaps in your Old-Age and Survivors’ Insurance (AHV/AVS) payments.

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