Manuel Kühne


Manuel was initially trained in a social security office and then studied theatre at Bern University of the Arts. He worked as an actor for various theatre and independent theatre groups across Switzerland. Since 2015, he has produced and directed his own plays and festivals. For four years until 2021, he chaired the t. regional group in central Switzerland. He continues to be the t. representative in the working group for building a new theatre in Lucerne.

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Three questions for Manuel

To be or not to be! Have you ever faced this question in your life?

Ja, in meinem Leben als Bühnenkünstler immer wieder. Reicht das Geld? Reicht die Zeit? Reichen die Engagements?

Have you ever had pension role models?

Leider nein. Irgendwie war das Thema Vorsorge nicht wirklich cool genug für mein naives, junges Ich. Schade.

What pensions advice would you offer your younger self?

Fang an und zwar gestern! Es wird nicht einfacher und cool wird es auch nie.

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