Olivia Abächerli


Olivia Abächerli moves through the world of fine arts between artistic research, drawing and video. After studying in Bern and the Netherlands, she registered as a freelancer in 2019. From 2015 onwards, she was part of various artistic spaces and organisational and curatorial projects. Since 2021, she has “only” organised feminist techno events and otherwise focuses on making art, exhibitions, and discourses.

Oliva’s topics:

#Financial planning
#Pension Provision

Three questions for Olivia

To be or not to be! Have you ever faced this question in your life?

Yes, it keeps coming up! My income totters along with massive fluctuations and so I go through phases of anxiety and confidence in great ups and downs.

Have you ever had pension role models?

No, I haven’t, at least not for pensions in precarious self-employment.

What pensions advice would you offer your younger self?

Understanding the system and the rules of the game helps you not to feel at its mercy – whatever the conclusions you draw.

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