Dave Feusi

Musician, composer

Making music is what Dave lives for, and he is also a composer and networker. After studying classical music in Switzerland, he moved to the USA, where he threw himself into jazz. Since then, Dave has performed across the world in bands with all sorts of different styles. However, he still feels close to his Swiss roots and is committed to keeping the music scene active. So for example in 2001, he founded JazzBaragge in Zurich together with Peewee Windmüller (JAZZ’N’MORE), and has now chaired the association for over 20 years.

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Three questions for Dave

To be or not to be! Have you ever faced this question in your life?

Yes, the question caught up with me when I couldn’t do my job for almost a year because of two accidents. Uncertainty about the future and existential hardship then became a big part of my life.

Have you ever had pension role models?

No, as for a long time I wasn’t interested in the topic either. Getting to grips with the issue is very sensitive and challenging, as every artist’s individual situation to be considered differently. This issue should therefore frequently be discussed in artists’ circles.

What pensions advice would you offer your younger self?

There are now good advisory services where you can get information about occupational pension provision. The professional associations also offer good options for getting advice. After graduating, you should look into occupational pensions pretty soon.

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