Kathrin Walde

Production director

Kathrin lives in Basel. After training as a special needs teacher in Bern, she spent the 2007-08 season at the Ramba Zamba theatre in Berlin, working as an assistant director and coordinator of guest shows. In 2014, she completed the CAS in Culture Management at Stapferhaus in Lenzburg. Since then, she has worked as a freelance production manager for different dance and theatre companies in German-speaking Switzerland, such as MESH, Alessandro Schiattarella, Time for Change and Firma für Zwischenbereiche. Since autumn 2019, she has provided free project planning consultations in Basel for professionals in the cultural sector together with ROXY Birsfelden.

Kathrin’s topics:

#Tax Steuern

Three questions for Kathrin

To be or not to be! Have you ever faced this question in your life?

When I came back from Berlin and had used up all my savings.

Have you ever had pension role models?

Pension provision was never one of our hot topics. But thanks to several coincidences, I did look at this topic and felt truly empowered when I realised that even with a modest income I could secure my future.

What pensions advice would you offer your younger self?

Get information from neutral sources and don’t let bank employees or insurance agents talk you into going for their schemes!

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